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The Start of Something..

Welcome to the Laudate Newsletter!

What you can expect:

1) Info about Laudate

2) Community Events

3) Short devotional reflections

4) Workout tips and tricks

Speaking of Community Events… the Laudate Team has been hard at work for the past couple of months putting together something special.

Our goal is to merge fitness and faith in unique and faith filled ways! With that said, we are excited to announce our upcoming walk-a-thon with Preambula Group (check them out). This walk-a-thon is aptly titled “You Were Made to Thrive!” to take place on the morning of JUNE 2nd, 8:30am - 12:30pm.

In short, Preambula offers guided spiritual experiences that help believers encounter Jesus, discover their deepest identity, and become His mission to the world.

This event’s goal is to raise money for one of Preambula’s programs called “On Fire”. Having personally been through this program, I can say that it lit my heart “on fire” for the spirit of Jesus. There is truly no other program like it. This partnership is made even more special because On Fire was the  catalyst for the entire Laudate Fitness idea. So, it seems only fitting that our first community event be with Preambula to kick off the Summer!

Click their logo below to take a look at the flyer and please consider joining us! We have TEN spots available and they will fill up fast.

Send us an email by clicking the sign up button below if interested!

God Bless,

Samuel Newcamp

P.S. Hope to see you all at the gym:) By iron, through iron, to iron. Laudate (Praise the Lord)


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